Who are we?

Who in their right mind would leave behind a perfectly normal, functional, and stable life? We would!!  So who are these crazy chicas anyway??

RachelRachel Sherburne – Former Air Force Officer, Missionary, Speaker and Coach turned adventurer and blogger. Rachel has all the heart, soul and rhythm of a Black/Latina women and only 10% of the melanin. She enjoys running, singing and most especially dancing and Zumba. When not out and about connecting with people, Rachel lives happily in sweatpants. A recovering McDonald’s ice cream cone addict, she qualified as an “expert” marksman (woman) in the Air Force, but somehow struggles to update her iPod. Known to frequent Trader Joe’s, Total Wine and other places for free samples, she is most looking forward to the novelty of what this adventure will bring!

1236440_929061716233_1624360802_nNatalie Hunter – Former Army Officer, Health Care Administrator and Small Business Owner, turned world-traveler and writer. Natalie is an introvert at heart, though she masquerades as an extrovert in social settings.  She loves running, good conversations, the ocean, and dogs dressed in costume. Natalie has a tormented love affair with Volleyball… she’s 5’3” but still thinks she can be an outside hitter.  She dabbles in music – piano, guitar and singing – and is determined to improve her guitar skills on this epic journey!  Update – this has totally not happened.  Natalie’s new goal is to become a total yogi by the time this trip is finished… progress is looking up.


IMG_1130Katy Ryan – Former healthcare professional who made the thoughtful, pragmatic decision to say “deuces!” to her regular life and travel the world.  She officially joined The Great Enlivening on March 15th in New Zealand, and is busy rakin’ in the passport stamps with Rachel & Natalie.  Katy loves to travel (duh), sing, cook and craft.  She’s also a sports fanatic, and her love of soccer means she fits in perfectly overseas!  Katy is ready to add some serious checkmarks to that bucket list of hers over the next few months.


The sweet pooches traveled with us for the first three months of this adventure, now they’re living it up with Grandma in Sunny Californ-i-a!

IMG_0648Nimitz – Sweet, funny, somewhat self-centered chow mix.  Nimitz (aka – Nims, Nimmies or Nimsters) loves being the center of attention, taking showers (seriously), barking and tennis balls.  He’s a lovable boy who’s always working an angle to get what he wants.  While Nimitz loves a lot of things, there is one thing he absolutely hates: dancing.  He’s like the doggy-Mayor of that town in footloose.  He’s not sure what this adventure has in store for him, but as long as it means plenty of attention from his mom and Aunt Rachel, he’s on board!

IMG_1514Mugsy – Sweet, sleepy, low-key boxer/bulldog mix.  Mugsy (aka – Mugs, Mugalugs, Mugalicious, or Mugsarella) loves a good snuggle, a big bowl of food and sleeping with her head on the pillow like a human.  She’s a sweet girl with one blue eye and one brown eye, and she was named for that adorable Mug!  She’s a laid back kind of pooch who probably won’t care what this adventure entails, as long as she can maintain her 18 hour/day sleep schedule!


For our professional stat’s, see LinkedIn.  This blog is about who we are, not what we’ve done!

PS – You probably won’t find the dogs on LinkedIn… Nimitz doesn’t like to brag about his resume.